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"A great motivator for my students, as well as a great way to track behaviors and keep parents informed."

Sarah K.


"LiveSchool makes it easy to keep record of students' behavior! It takes a load off of a very busy teacher!"

Jonathan S.


"Excellent program. Very user friendly. Able to be customized easily and quickly. Love it!"

Crista G.


Frequently Asked Questions

With a free account, you have access to Points, Rewards, and Paychecks. Insights and House Points are not included. 

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You can create an unlimited amount of Rosters in LiveSchool, which can take the form of classes, homerooms, advisories, or other groups!

What Features do I have Access to?

How Many Classes Can LiveSchool Support?

How Long Does the Trial Last?

You can use the free trial forever! We just clear your site data each year in accordance to our privacy policy. 

How Many People Can We Have on the Free Trial?

You can trial LiveSchool with up to 5 total teachers or administrators at your school. 

How Many Students can I Upload? What about Parents?

You can upload unlimited students, and each student (and their parents) have their own app too!

Who Else Uses LiveSchool?

LiveSchool is used in over 1,000 schools across the country. Some teachers use it individually, but LiveSchool is incredibly powerful for school-wide systems and implementation.

If you'd like to work with other teachers on the free account, ask the first teacher who created an account to invite you via email, or include them in your launch files

How do I Join A Teacher Already Using LiveSchool?

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See how other schools implemented LiveSchool below, and share these resources with your administrators!


Junior High

"We had a student who was having persistent issues with a specific teacher. Now, the student and teacher are best friends because we acted."


Crossing Academy

This school in Saint Johns, FL became a PBIS model school using LiveSchool. Read more to learn how they did it. 


Middle Academy

As the new Principal, Crystal Sorrels saw an opportunity to improve the school's PBS, and knew they could leverage LiveSchool to help.


Product Brochure

A shareable PDF providing more info on LiveSchool

Overview Video

A quick video overview to get a better understanding of LiveSchool

LiveSchool 101 PowerPoint

Slides showing how LiveSchool's tools address common challenges

Shareable Resources

LiveSchool vs Class Dojo

LiveSchool and Class Dojo are similar, but differ in some key areas


Simple School Setup

Sync Your SIS

School Behavior Rubric

Built-in Rewards Store

Unique Students

Track Teacher Trends

School Data Dashboard

School Data Exports

School Features


LiveSchool vs Behavior Bucks

Less Paperwork, More Teamwork!

Behavior bucks take time to design, print, and track. Bucks eat up your team's budget and time. Students often lose their behavior bucks, causing headaches for teachers who have to decide whether to "reimburse" students.

Say Goodbye to Paper Behavior Bucks!

You might not know it, but behavior bucks and tickets can create a "black market". When students are excited about your rewards, some may turn to photocopying, trading, or doing other tricks to maximize their bucks. LiveSchool will put you in full control of your "currency." 

No More "Black Market"

With paper behavior bucks, teachers don't know how their rate of praise compares to other teachers. When one teacher gives out too many bucks, it causes inflation –bucks become less valuable in other teachers' classrooms.

LiveSchool helps you become more consistent by automatically tracking how many bucks are being issued.

Make Your System More Fair for Students

Think about it: each piece of behavior reinforcement is a valuable opportunity to collect data. What time of day is behavior the best? Which students are receiving the most bucks? The least? Which types of behavior are most common? Which teachers are giving the most bucks?

With LiveSchool, you will be able to answer these questions and more in real-time.

Where's the Data?!

Less Paperwork, 

More Teamwork

Work together to motivate students and reinforce positive behavior!

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